Amazing And Surprising Facts About Nature That Will Blow Your Mind

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There are some amazing and Shocking nature Facts that we think will blow your mind! If you just go about your day to day life, not really thinking about the world around you, then you’re missing out on so much. If you give it a chance, nature will surprise and astound you in all kinds of wonderful ways. It’s truly amazing some of the things that happen on Earth and even farther out in the solar system. Check out these awesome facts and prepare to be amazed!

  1. 1 This is what peacock feathers look like under a microscope.

  2. 2 Glass gem is a unique strain of corn with kernels that look like pieces of rainbow-colored glass.

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  7. 7 Rogue planets

    Did you know there are millions of rogue planets hurtling through the galaxy? They do not orbit stars, and drift through empty space. There are supposedly billions of these in the Milky Way galaxy.

  8. 8 Giant dragonflies

    The Meganeura dragonfly lived 300 million years ago and was no small pest. It had a wingspan measuring over 2 feet wide.

  9. 9 Slow coach moon

    The moon slows down Earth. Every century the moon’s rotation adds 1.7 milliseconds onto a day. If you do some math, 350 million years back the year was 385 days long.

  10. 10 A man fired at armadillo, only for the bullet to ricochet back and hit him right in the face

  11. 11 Giraffes are largely gay, up to 94% of giraffe sex takes place between two dudes.

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  17. 17 This crow can recognise your face.

    Crows can recognise the faces of humans who pose a threat to them or their habitat, and those memories can last a lifetime. Plus crows can live up to 15 years - so if you get into a fight with one, it might be time to start thinking about that moustache.

  18. 18 Instead of chewing, a spider injects venom into its prey - the venom liquifies the prey's insides, and the spider sucks the liquid out. Like a milkshake.

  19. 19 Oh, didn't I mention the tarantula hawk! It's only a SPIDER-WASP that EATS TARANTULAS, which is the most chilling collection of words I have ever typed.

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