Top 20 Amazing Superpowers That You Definitely Wish You Had


It’s fun to think how different life would be if we developed superpowers of our own. Whether you’re a die hard superhero fan who attended the midnight premiere of “The Avengers” or you only know a little bit about superheroes. You’ve probably wished you had one of these 20 superpowers. We have captured the 20 most amazing Superpowers everybody wish to have.


Check out Top 20 Superpowers That You Definitely Wish You Had

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  1. 1 Invisibility

  2. 2 Flying

  3. 3 Precognition

  4. 4 Talking to Animals

  5. 5 Mind Control

  6. 6 Immortality

  7. 7 Superhuman Speed

  8. 8 Time travel

  9. 9 Wall crawling

  10. 10 Intangibility

  11. 11 Echolocation

  12. 12 Time Manipulation

  13. 13 Superhuman Strength

  14. 14 Omnilinguilism

  15. 15 Force Field

  16. 16 Healing

  17. 17 Night Vision

  18. 18 Superhuman Intelligence

  19. 19 Telepathy

  20. 20 Superhuman Agility

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