9 Simple And Amazingly Working Tips To Look Younger By Ten


We asked top researchers to share their stay-young secrets for winding back time naturally. Their advice will help you stay young and have you looking and feeling everyday fabulous, by doing everyday smart things: exercise, eat healthy, proper sleep, right? Try it today.

  1. 1 Drink plenty of water

    Particularly hard to do at this time of year when it is so much easier to reach for warming coffee, tea or hot toddies. It won't hydrate your skin directly, but it will improve the way your insides work and good gut health is soon reflected in glowing skin.

  2. 2 Do yoga.

    Studies have shown that doing yoga is one of the greatest ways to slow the clock. And it's not just because you're helping your muscles remain limber—a regular yoga practice may increase the levels of stay-young hormones that can slow the aging process.

  3. 3 Wear Sunscreen

    I can't stress this enough. A large percentage of the visible signs of ageing (wrinkles, age spots) result from the cumulative effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin, over time. Wear sunscreen and you'll keep these at bay.

  4. 4 Less sugar

    The body doesn't need it and sugar, according to nutritionists and skin experts, exacerbates a process called glycation, which accelerates ageing in the skin.

    Diets high in sugar can damage elastin and collagen molecules in the skin, increasing wrinkles and sagging. Research has shown that advanced glycation end products (AGEs), a class of compounds resulting from combinations of sugars and proteins, can accelerate the effects of aging.

  5. 5 Sip green tea.

    Thanks to its strong antioxidants, green tea has the ability to quell inflammation, which plays a part in various other diseases. ... If all that weren't enough, green tea— as well as white tea are rich in an anti-aging antioxidant known as EGCG, which helps fight wrinkles by increasing cell turnover.

  6. 6 Give up smoking

    Just in case you need another reason to quit. It deprives the skin of oxygen, accelerates the process of skin ageing by hastening the degradation of collagen, which means more wrinkles – faster. Oh, and it's not great for your health, either.

  7. 7 Drink red wine

    Drinking Red Wine May Slow Aging. ... They say they've identified how a compound commonly found in red wine, peanuts, and grapes slows the aging process while increasing maximum lifespan. The compound is called resveratrol - a natural antioxidant.

  8. 8 Get enough sleep

    Yes! gowth hormone talk attributed to sleep, It can actually slow down the aging process which means I'm definitely going to make it a major priority in my life… starting now. Goodnight!

  9. 9 Have more sex.

    Studies have found that couples who make love frequently look more than 10 years younger than the average adult who has sex less often. The current thinking is that the pleasure derived from sex is a crucial factor in preserving youth.

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