Animals Which are Cute but Dangerous


There are creatures out there that are simply so fuzzy, splendidly hued, or sweet-confronted that you may very well get the sudden desire to gradually connect with touch them. Need our recommendation? Oppose this inclination! These animals may look charming, yet kindly don’t give their cute outsides a chance to trick you, as these critters’ effective and sharp guard components are reason enough to leave these delightful animals where they have a place: nature.

  1. 1 Swans

    It might not be fair to let the actions of a single swan taint the reputation of the species as a whole but swans are known for being fiercely territorial especially during breeding season.

    One story that highlights what these graceful beasts are really capable off is that of Hannibal the swan. It attacked nearly 37 swans and killed 15 of them in brutal ways. His aggression knew no limits when other swans ventured into his territory.

    Hannibal attacked by beating the other swans with its wings, pecked them with his beak and even drowned them by holding their heads under water. What was more disturbing was the fact that after each massacre, he would show the carcasses to his offspring and proudly hold his wings up. And here we thought that swans were docile.

  2. 2 The blue ringed octopus

    The Blue-ringed octopus is one adorable sea creature. The vivid colors and gorgeous pattern make you believe that this one is a timid, sweet marine animal. While it is defiantly cute and somewhat shy, it is also one of the most dangerous animals in the world. It has enough venom in its tiny 8-inch body to kill nearly 26 adult humans in a few minutes.

    What is scary is that the bites aren’t painful at all and therefore gets ignored most of the time. Till now no one has been able to develop a safe anti-venom for the Blue-ringed octopus making it one of the deadliest animals on Earth.

  3. 3 The poison dart frog

    The Poison dart frog is stunning to behold. Almost all the different types of frogs that belong to the same family have amazing vivid colors and patterns on their skins.

    The dart frogs look like paintings hopping from one place to another. What is really interesting about this little creature is the fact that the coloration on their skin and the toxicity of their poison evolved side by side. Some of these frogs contain poison that can kill anywhere between 10-20 men or about 10,000 mice.

  4. 4 The Wolverine

    Most of you must already be familiar with the comic character of the same name, but in all honesty, the animal is fiercer than its more famous counterpart.

    The name itself has its roots in German and roughly translates to “devours much.” A typical wolverine consumes just about anything that comes in their way and is known for being very aggressive and almost devoid of fear. They can even take down a moose or a caribou with relative ease.

    The wolverine's long, sharp teeth along with their retractable claws make them a perfect mini killing machine.

  5. 5 Cassowary

    Found in Australia, this bird looks rather ridiculous but trust us, if you disturb it, prepare for attempted disembowelment (yes, that is actually their go-to attack strategy).

  6. 6 The red fox

    It’s usually wolves that get the bad rep, but foxes can be just as vicious. In fact, they have been known to hunt small humans aka children.

  7. 7 Raccoons

    Although you usually think of them as just playing in the trash, if you try to steal their pleasure they will use their claws to seriously mess your life up.

  8. 8 The red back jumping spider

    These terrifying arachnids possess incredible stalking abilities and are also insanely fast.

  9. 9 Hedgehogs

    These little guys are among the few on the list who are actually very social creatures and can be super friendly if socialized from a young age. However, the important thing for you and your spiky little pal to keep in mind is that he is indeed covered with... well, spikes. Those things can do some damage if he doesn't have them folded down.

  10. 10 Polar Bears

    Not matter how thirsty you are, don't ask one of these big boys for a Coca-Cola. Though adorable, the polar bear is also the largest carnivore in North America and will not hesitate to attack if he's feeling inspired. He is a bear, after all.

  11. 11 Kangaroos

    Though kangaroos aren't generally the type that go looking for trouble, they're not afraid to show you who's boss. Though their arms can be utilized for punching, their legs are their most dangerous weapons. They are strong enough to disembowel an attacker.

  12. 12 Marmosets

    While not dangerous, a hug from one of these bite-sized bad boys often comes with it's own set of surprises. While self-cleaning, marmosets often bathe in their own urine.

  13. 13 Putterfish

    Just look at his little face! Surely he couldn’t do any harm…? Don’t count on it! The pufferfish is in fact the second most poisonous vertebrate on the planet. Their venon kills by paralysing the diaphragm and has no known antidote.

  14. 14 The slow loris

    Those eyes… awwww! Slow Loris’ are normally very placid, but you wouldn’t want to get on their bad side. They can release venom from the side of their elbows, which when mixed with their saliva, can cause death by anaphylactic shock.

  15. 15 Big cats

    I’m sure you know already, that despite their mega cuteness, pretty much all big cats would happily have you for lunch. Lions, tigers and cheetahs would eat you given half the chance, but closer to home, North American pumas have been known to threaten lone hikers and children.

  16. 16 The leopard seal

    Although the leopard seal’s normal prey consists of penguins, they are the second animal on our list that have been known to actively hunt humans. Powerful and curious this is one cute predator you definitely don’t want to take a swim with.

  17. 17 Honey Badger

    Please don't let the name fool you as, apart from its looks, there is nothing sweet about this furry little ball of claws and teeth. Honey badgers have a fearsome reputation in the animal world and, as a result, they have few natural predators. The thick skin of this voracious predator can protect it from snake bites, insect stings, and even machetes and arrows. Honey badgers love to feast on some of the world's deadliest snakes, but they are also partial to a zebra or deer every now and then. When they make a kill, they devour all parts of their prey, including skin, hair, flesh, feathers, and bones.

  18. 18 Giant Anteater

    This large creature may only feed on ants and termites, but it definitely knows how to defend itself. Anteaters are not aggressive, but they will fight back fiercely if forced to do so. A threatened anteater will stand up on its rear legs, using its tail for balance. It will then start swiping out with its powerful claws that can be up to 4 inches in length. The giant anteater is even ferocious enough to fight off predators such as jaguars and pumas.  

  19. 19 Pfeffer's Flamboyant Cuttlefish

    Don't try to pick up this cuttlefish. Though cute and colorful, these tiny cephalopod's' displays are there as a stark warning. Their muscle tissues contain a highly potent and rare toxin that scientists still do not fully understand. In fact, its poison is as lethal as that of the blue-ringed octopus. Eat this cuttlefish at your own peril!

  20. 20 Platypus

    This animal, although it appears to be extremely awkward and harmless, is actually poisonous, making it, along with the slow loris, one of the few living mammals to produce venom. The male platypus has ankle spurs that produce a poison that is strong enough to kill small animals such as dogs. This venom is only active during breeding season, which supports the theory that this venom is used to fight off rival males, not only for protection.  The venom is not lethal to humans, but it is extremely excruciating.

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