15 Animals That Are Eaten Alive Around The World


Most people prefer their food to be fresh. But there are some people that take this to the extreme. And decide to eat them alive. Some of these animals are too weird that a common man can’t believe that they are eaten alive.

Here we have a list of fifteen animals that are eaten alive. Share if you like.
  1. 1 eels fish

    In an interview, renowned chef Raymond Blanc recalls visiting Japan and eating a plate of live baby eels at a local eatery. "We were advised to add vinegar and sake — which made them jump around — then you swallowed them whole," he says. "They jiggled around in my tummy!" Much the way your tummy is probably jiggling when you read this.

  2. 2 Witchetty Grubs

    Protein can be scarce in the Australian outback, which has led to the tradition of eating witchetty grubs, with some folks popping the squirming bugs like they're popcorn. Nutrition-wise, 10 witchetty grubs are said to fulfill your daily requirement of protein. Traditionally eaten raw, witchetty grubs can also be pan-fried, with one "exploratory chef" declaring they taste like "fried egg with a hint of nut."

  3. 3 Octopuses

    It's common in South Korea to be served chopped up octopuses whose little arms are squirming around on the plate when you eat them. Fun! But that's not really eating a creature alive, y'know? Chopping them up kills them eventually if you wait long enough. The real fun begins when you eat them whole and alive, and they try to climb out of your mouth.

  4. 4 Lobsters

    This one is particularly gruesome: a Houston restaurant will serve you "belly sashimi" right out of a lobster's belly... while the lobster is still alive, staring at you. One critic called the dish - which, let's remember, entails eating a lobster's stomach while it wiggles its claws at you - "utterly delicious."

  5. 5 Frogs

    This "delicacy" is not that strange in Asian countries such as China, Vietnam and Japan. It usually involves special frogs raised for cooking, which are later sliced open on a plate and disemboweled while alive. It's all done right in front of you, while you sit there waiting for your meal. You're then supposed to eat the frog complete with beating heart and flailing limbs.

  6. 6 Larvae

    Notable for containing live insect larvae, "casu marzu" is a traditional sheep milk cheese from Sardinia, Italy. Larvae are introduced to the cheese deliberately to promote an advanced level of fermentation and breakdown of the cheese's fats. This makes the cheese very soft, with some liquid seeping out. Some people clear the larvae from the cheese before consuming while others don't.

  7. 7 Wormy Cheese

    Casu Marzu is a gourmet Italian sheep cheese packed full of maggots and worms that are known for its soft and slightly acidic texture. It’s made when a fly lays its eggs on the cheese, the eggs hatch, and the larvae (or maggots) burrow into the cheese. The resulting cheesy-effect is both squishy-soft and tart (this happens when the bugs eat the fats in the cheese and excrete the remains). The aim is to eat the cheese with maggots intact and preferably while they’re still alive, or you’ll just be eating dead maggots, which is more than a little icky

  8. 8 Jumping Shrimp

    Odori Ebi and Drunken Shrimp are dishes from Japan and China respectively, and both involve eating the sea-animal while parts of it are still alive. Odori Ebi removes the shell of baby shrimp and deep fries the body — it’s traditionally eaten while the legs and antenna are still moving, but if this is a little too disconcerting you can try dipping it in some sake first, the alcohol intoxicates it long enough for you to chew it to death

  9. 9 Sannakji

    Sannakji is a dish served in Korea, and probably the most well-known item on this list through videos that have circulated online. Usually seasoned with sesame seeds and sesame oil, the main component of sannakji is nakji, which is a small octopus. The tentacles are usually cut from the live octopus and brought straight out to the customer, although sometimes it is served whole. The main “appeal” of this dish is that when chewed, the tentacles are still wriggling. But because of this, the suction cups on the tentacles are still active also, and so they can become stuck in the throat of whoever’s eating it.

  10. 10 Odori Ebi

    Odori Ebi is a type of sashimi that contains a baby shrimp. The shrimp has its shell removed, and sometimes its head as well. These can be deep fried and served alongside the rest of the shrimp, which is still moving its legs and antennae while being eaten. The shrimp can be dipped in the alcoholic drink sake to intoxicate it and make it easier to eat. It only dies, finally, when being chewed. Odori Ebi is quite expensive to order in a restaurant, because to serve the shrimp alive, it must be prepared quickly and skillfully.

  11. 11 Noma Salad

    Noma, based primarily in Copenhagen (although it has recently become a pop-up restaurant across the globe) has ranked as the best restaurant in the world for three years now, so it’s not all that surprising to find that they have some innovative ideas. Unfortunately, one of these ideas is their salad—their ant salad. They serve a salad crawling with ants, which are chilled so that they move slower, and which are supposed to taste like lemongrass. Chilled or not, the fact remains that there are ants crawling all over your lettuce leaves. Plenty of cultures consume insects, true—but not many of these cultures charge over $300 for an insect salad.

  12. 12 Sea Urchin

    Sea urchins are undoubtedly an acquired taste, but those who do enjoy urchin know the best way to eat them is right out of the shell while they're still alive.

  13. 13 Cockroaches

    While not actually served in a restaurant, cockroaches are sometimes consumed while alive in extreme eating competitions such as one in Florida in 2012 that turned deadly. The "winner" of the competition ate dozens of live cockroaches (among other things) and then later choked to death on them. Witnesses say he had to cover his mouth with his hands to keep them from crawling out.

  14. 14 Ikizukuri

    Also a type of sashimi, ikizukuri means “prepared alive”, and is a fish dish. Generally, as with lobster, there is a large tank in the restaurant where patrons can go up and choose the fish they want to eat. That alone is objectionable enough for many people, but ikizukuri goes a lot farther than lobster in the cruelty department. When the fish is selected, the chef will gut it and serve it almost immediately. What sets it apart from other entries in this list is that the point of ikizukuri is for the chef to slice off a few pieces of fish, but leave the whole thing largely intact. Not only that, but the bits that are cut off are to be done in such a way that the person eating it can see the fish’s heart beating and mouth moving while they eat it.It’s almost as if this is a secret conspiracy to try and guilt-trip people into becoming vegetarians.

  15. 15 Fruit Bat Soup

    n the tiny island of Guam, in the western Pacific Ocean, locals like to indulge in a little “kå’kå’du fanihidu fanihi”, a meat dish made with a fox or fruit bat in a coconut milk soup. The still-living bat is nabbed from the wild, rinsed off, and popped into a boiling vat of water, wings, fur, and head intact, and boiled alive before being served up with a dash of coconut milk and vegetables (if you’re lucky). You’re meant to eat everything except the bones and teeth. While the bat is technically dead (or in the final throes of death) when served, the abundant parasites and bacteria it contains are certainly not. There are some serious diseases that can be passed along to humans from this dish so eat it with care, if you choose to eat it at all!

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