Animals Plotting Their Revenge – You Can Look Into Their Eyes


Yes, your cat looks adorable in a bowtie. He absolutely slays in the sweater you knit him. That Halloween costume? Perfection. So why does he look so amazingly annoyed? These well-dressed felines are clearly plotting their revenge against you.

  1. 1 Team revenge

  2. 2 Let me show you what I can do

  3. 3 I look innocent but I'm not

  4. 4 Ughh human!

  5. 5 Hmm.. you need to learn alot

  6. 6 Human you're making me do it

  7. 7 I don't want to wear it

  8. 8 Hmm.. let's do it

  9. 9 Those revengeful eyes

  10. 10 Can you see it into the glasses?

  11. 11 Need to make it perfect

  12. 12 You stupid!

  13. 13 Poker face!

  14. 14 I'm wearing...

  15. 15 Hilter face with Hilter attitude

  16. 16 Look in my eyes!

  17. 17 No, I need to make it worst!

  18. 18 I'm rubbing my eyes and it's not useless

  19. 19 I didn't want a shower

  20. 20 Don't mess with me

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