The Most Awkward And Hilarious Photos Caught On the Airplanes.


Funny moments captured on an airplane. Airplane passengers have shared hilarious, weird and downright disgusting snaps of the passengers. One ridiculous photo shows a woman with her legs up. An airplane’s funny photo shows a grandpa with a huge tummy sleeping well. Here we listed up some of the weirdest and funny photos captured in the airplane.


These are the top 20 most awkward and hilarious photos caught on the airplane.

Hope you like it.

  1. 1 Stinky feet smell bad

  2. 2 A talkative passenger

  3. 3 So much dirt on the plane.

  4. 4 First ride be like. .

  5. 5 A plane of dogs.

  6. 6 What's up little friend.

  7. 7 This is hilarious.

  8. 8 Can I touch it?

  9. 9 Oh no, here I go again. .

  10. 10 Therapy pet.

  11. 11 Apple dropped on a plane.

  12. 12 Welcome to the new born

  13. 13 Shoes must've smell bad

  14. 14 A weird frozen face.

  15. 15 What's inside the tummy?

  16. 16 A little high today.

  17. 17 And on and on. .

  18. 18 Let's go on a ride.

  19. 19 Best friends for life!

  20. 20 Hunger

  21. 21 Very unclear!

  22. 22 Sleep well buddy!

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