These 10 Basic Signs Will Let You Know That You Are Falling Apart


Do you ever have Signs of falling apart? Do you ever feel like you don’t know who you have become. Or why you say the things you do? Do you ever wonder why you are so emotionally torn apart to the point that you can’t even think straight – or maybe you know why… but you don’t want to admit that it was another human being who tore you apart.


We have caught 10 Basic signs that will make you believe that you’re falling apart.

Hope you like it.


  1. 1 You have become heartless

    You have become so used to being hurt, you turn into the victim. You hurt everyone that is trying to make any sort of effort in your life. You push away all the good just to let the bad take over.

  2. 2 You don't wana talk to anybody.

    Everyone needs personal space, but if you absolutely don’t want to see or hear anyone, avoid friends and relatives, and you go into “incognito” mode to browse social networks, then the situation is getting out of control.

  3. 3 You are not as happy as you used to be.

    You let one little thing tear you down and you are struggling to stand back up on your own. You don't laugh as much, you do not go out as much, and your original routine has faded.

  4. 4 You get upset over little things

    You start getting annoyed by literally everything: a trash can that your husband forgot to take out, your child’s poor grades at school, the weather outside, and the color of your nail polish. You easily lose your temper and you go from crying to raging and back again.

  5. 5 You don’t care about yourself or your home.

    If you could not care less about your appearance, and the last time you cleaned your home was last month — this is a clear sign of a personal crisis. Indifference to your body and the environment around you only says that everything is not going smoothly in your life, and moreover, you have accepted this and given up on everything.

  6. 6 You feel at times you are all alone

    You have nowhere to go, nobody to talk to - you think nobody understands what you are going through, but in all reality, there are so many people who understand the pain you are going through.

  7. 7 Someone came into your life and filled that void in your heart but then left

    You started to depend on someone's presence, their attention and affection - most importantly their connection that they had with you. They impacted your life so much that without them nothing made sense. Although a promise was made that they would never leave no matter what happened - they left. So, now all you have left is yourself.

  8. 8 That smile of yours is gone

    You try so hard to smile and wipe away the tears, but your heart aches so much. Some days and nights it is really hard to hide the pain. The world beneath you feels like it is caving and the sky above you feels like it is suffocating you.

  9. 9 You became a prisoner of your own phone.

    This constant fixation on your phone can result in low self-esteem, nervous breakdowns, and a sense of total loneliness. Try to be offline more often: this will really make you happier.

  10. 10 You've learned to let go of things easier

    After being torn apart and having your heart stomped on, you learned to give up, and move on from things that did not make sense - situations that were toxic - people that hurt you - most of all you pulled yourself away from people that did not deserve you.

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