Hilarious Bathroom Graffiti You Will Laugh Harder Than Ever (Part 2)


When you want to burn your time at school, you usually stay in the bathroom. And you come to read some hilarious comments on the walls. Ever happened to you?

Here are some hilarious comments we found on bathroom walls.

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  1. 1 Drunk mom

  2. 2 Found this in male bathroom

  3. 3 PS is much more interesting than notice

  4. 4 Tough love

  5. 5 We're impressed

  6. 6 Powerful words

  7. 7 Waiting...

  8. 8 Well!

  9. 9 Advice of the day

  10. 10 Confucius say

  11. 11 No thanks!

  12. 12 No idea!

  13. 13 Um thanks!

  14. 14 Umm! Okay!

  15. 15 Advice!

  16. 16 Perfect!

  17. 17 How do you know?

  18. 18 And I'm watching you watching me

  19. 19 Be a hero!

  20. 20 Like a boss!

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