Can You Bear These Creepiest Stupidies?


The illogical things like you can’t even think could exist. The sad somehow funny fact is that they exist. Here are some stupid things you can’t afford watching them all.

  1. 1 Not your place girls

  2. 2 What kind of creature is this?

  3. 3 Cheezy girl!

  4. 4 What a time to have a haircut

  5. 5 Trust issues

  6. 6 If you have fever and wanna eat ice-cream

  7. 7 Denim sofa

  8. 8 Dream mobile

  9. 9 Looks like an alien is going to eat it

  10. 10 Bon appetit

  11. 11 Secured now

  12. 12 Wash a place for washing cloths

  13. 13 Ninja dog

  14. 14 Brick car

  15. 15 Who's this person?

  16. 16 Oh no!

  17. 17 Eww!

  18. 18 The door lock!

  19. 19 Red carpet!

  20. 20 When your crush really love human ballets

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