Epic Beauty Fails

Excellence may not be general but rather everybody realizes what looks awful. What’s more, these ladies truly need to watch a cosmetics instructional exercise so they can make sense of how to do their cosmetics. Since these excellence falls flat are the saddest things we have found in quite a while!

  1. 1 Epic Lipgloss Fails

  2. 2 Fake Lashes

  3. 3 DIY Lip Stain

  4. 4 The Winged Liner

  5. 5 The Hilarious Nail Art

  6. 6 Out With A Bang

  7. 7 The not so glamorous side of beauty

  8. 8 At Home Ponytail Trim

  9. 9 The Fail: Sprinkle Lip Art

  10. 10 Date Night Idea

  11. 11 Rainbow Contour

  12. 12 Try Again!

  13. 13 Failed Mascara!

  14. 14 This is more than Halloween!

  15. 15 Don't Forget to Blend, Ladies!

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