These Behind The Scene Photos From Harry Potter Sets Will Take You Back On The Hogwarts Express


Like so many others, I too grew up reading Harry Potter books and excitedly watching the movies, eagerly waiting for the next one to release every year. While the movies enchanted us, we saw what was on camera but never did we get to see the spells cast from behind the screen that made the magic possible.

  1. 1 The basilisk loses its head

    No matter how scary any beast— real or fictional— may seem, it's nothing without a properly functioning body. Yes, it'd be terrifying to be stuck in the company of a wild animal, but a wild animal without the means to attack removes any shred of danger. If it can't catch you, it can't hurt you.

    In The Chamber of Secrets, the Basilisk has more than proven its scariness. A giant snake that can kill you with little more than a stare? No, thanks.

    Still, the moment you're taken out of the scene and see that this creature is nothing more than a giant prop attached to some complicated machinery. What's even more underwhelming is that it's just a head. If you can't find it in yourself to escape the clutches of a mechanized prop head that comes with an on/off switch, then you may want to reevaluate your own personal demons...

  2. 2 The two Potter

    As much as Potterheads might love to believe that Daniel Radcliffe is actually enduring the same sort of physical strain that Harry Potter himself endured, production would never allow for it. Not only would insurance be a nightmare, but running the risk of damaging your main star isn't especially wise.

    To keep everyone happy, he's equipped with a stunt double to potentially get hurt so that he doesn't have to.

    While this is the norm in movie-making, there's something kind of disheartening about seeing The Boy Who Lived— the wizard who is meant to be so extraordinary that he alone can defeat the most powerful villain around—having a human airbag at his side to take the blows meant for him. It doesn't really instill much confidence in his abilities to be the sole victor over Lord Voldemort.

  3. 3 The goblins facing off

    While the goblins in Harry Potter may seem off-putting at times and a tad bit creepy, that's not to say they deserve to have their faces draped over mannequins on shelves. Alas, such was their fate once the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tours came to fruition. Once upon a time, they scared young viewers while working at Gringotts Wizarding Bank on Diagon Alley; now, they exist on display for gawking eyes.

    Honestly, Studio Tours as a whole kind of ruin all the magic in the Harry Potter movies. Exciting though it might be for fans to get a glimpse of the series' behind-the-scenes magic, that very magic ironically doesn't stand a chance at survival once it's been seen.

  4. 4 Hogwarts students looking rough

    When Albus Dumbledore makes his yearly announcement to the students at the beginning of the term in Hogwarts' Great Hall, it's a sight to behold. The old wizard has seen it all, so the fact that dedicates so much of his time to educating budding wizards on school protocol makes such a simple task seem kind of epic. He's a hero in the wizarding world. He's a celebrity. Even as a member of the audience, the sight is compelling.

    Seeing as Dumbledore is actually not addressing the students at all, but the film crew, the moment feels duller, less intimate, and absolutely less magical. There's something kind of dry and disappointing seeing him waste a good speech on a bunch of tired crew members— deserving a solid speech though they may be.

  5. 5 Wands away!

    Raise your hand if you really really hated Dolores Umbridge! While we all share the same feelings for this evil character, we have to admire Imelda Staunton's acting. She made us hate the color pink and made us cringe every time we saw her office decorated with that prancing cat china. She also tortured the students without feeling guilty for her actions. This behind-the-scenes photo was taken during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We can see Imelda being directed in this picture. It's interesting to note that she looks at him the way Dolores looks at people who support Harry Potter like they are all stupid. We would love to know what the two were talking about since it looks like the pink evil mastermind disapproves.

  6. 6 Dinner's ready!

  7. 7 Okay Luna here are your notes

  8. 8 Headmistress this man just broke into the school

  9. 9 Daniel Radcliffe gets directions

    Although Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire started with a happy note and a funny and interesting storyline, it ended rather tragically. As showed in this picture, where Daniel is being directed while being tied to the gravestone, these moments were difficult for the cast as well. It brings back memories of how Cedric was killed soon after being transported by a Portkey to the graveyard. The way Daniel looks completely in character reminds us of how talented he was in the scene where he first (officially) met Voldemort. We can also see Robert in the background, who is surprisingly alive and well (and looks extremely upset because of course, he is dead). Rest in peace, Cedric Diggory.

  10. 10 The Unsuccessful kiss

  11. 11 Only of this could happen in the movie

  12. 12 After interview!

  13. 13 So Professor Hagrid this is the right way to open the book

  14. 14 Perfect click..

  15. 15 Goblet of Fire

  16. 16 Dumbledore's army

    We have all wished at one point or another that we would receive an owl-delivered letter inviting us to attend Hogwarts, and many of us have even dreamed of becoming a part of the Dumbledore's Army. The army was created in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix bore a resemblance to the secret group created by Dumbledore before the first war against Voldemort. The members of Dumbledore's Army/the new Order of the Phoenix are shown here, smiling and oh so similar to the original members. Even though this is a picture taken behind the scenes, we can't help but smile at our favorite cast members standing together. Katie Leung, who portrayed Cho Chang, is holding a cake while the rest of them smile proudly. Let's just say, we want to imagine this as a scene straight from Harry Potter.

  17. 17 The famous Whomping Willlow

    How do actors manage to keep a straight face while filming with fake sets, blue screens and CGI? We may not understand the process but this picture proves that Harry Potter's main cast has always given their best to their characters. This is a scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when the Whomping Willow starts attacking Harry and Hermione. Daniel is suspended in the air by wires while Emma sits on a fake branch of the tree before going inside the Shrieking Shack to find an injured Rupert. Even if you go back to the scene after watching this picture, you will not remember that it was not real. This is how good the movies were!

  18. 18 Have a Potter-y Christmas

    The award for the best Christmas Card goes to the Harry Potter cast. While filming for the second task of the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the crew and cast decided to take a memorable picture. Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, their body doubles, and the cameramen and other crew are seen wearing antlers and Rudolph noses to pose for a Christmas card. According to sources, Daniel got this picture photoshopped (the antlers and noses are not real) and then sent it as a Christmas card. Whatever the case, we love this photo and we love the fact that the cast had a blast while filming the underwater scene in the movie. Although, we wonder if the Merpeople tried to photobomb their picture or not.

  19. 19 Granger knows it all

    This picture officially proves that Emma is just like Hermione in real life. Hermione is an intelligent and hard-working young girl who knows everything about just about anything. While being told by the director on what she has to do, Emma simply stares back with a hand on her hip looking as sassy as she can. She definitely knows what she has to do. You can also see Tom and Daniel in the background but Emma has stolen the show. This scene is from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where we saw Hagrid becoming a 'professor' and teaching Care of Magical Creatures to third-year students. This is a delightful picture because it brings us all back to the days when the characters used to focus on studying.

  20. 20 Say no to Hogwarts Battle

    There are a couple of things you immediately notice in this legendary picture. Firstly, these two wizards are actually in a very serious conversation, and they are not trying to kill each other. Secondly, Ralph Fiennes aka Voldemort has a nose and Dumbledore's beard is covered with a cloth! Thirdly, their wands are lit (What is with that?!). So, are they talking about food or talking about their characters? The more you look at it, the more questions come up unanswered. But we love the fact that two of the most powerful wizards of Harry Potter are having a genuine moment behind the scenes. Also, an honorable mention to Ralph for holding the wand like Voldemort does even though they are taking a break from shooting.

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