Images of The Most Bizarre Dispensers To Make You Believe They Exist

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When it comes to selling a product, marketing offers the best tools to capitalize your investment. Often companies try to make their products stand out by using unique designs as their unique selling point and ripe the benefits. But when the product’s distinction gets a little overdone, below are the results. Have fun!

  1. 1 The Pis Liquor Dispenser

  2. 2 A Runny Nose Dispenser. A green colored soap can give you a real mucusy feeling.

  3. 3 Cleaning had never been so filthy.

  4. 4 OMG! Who would buy this tissue dispenser?

  5. 5 Someone tried to give an artistic touch to this one

  6. 6 Use these Easter Island Moai nose runs to clean yours. Interesting.

  7. 7 Eeeerp! Here is some frog's puke. Eewww!

  8. 8 Dog sh--? This is the worst candy dispenser

  9. 9 Some more nasal shots

  10. 10 Who wants a tissue from a cat a-- ?

  11. 11 This cute lady is rolling her A-- off to support you.

  12. 12 Your very own Shower Guardian.

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1.5k shares, 874 points
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