10+ Bizarre Restaurants With Weird Themes That Really Exist


Weird has always been a selling point; Weird means strange and unusual, something out of the ordinary. Some people would go out of their way to try unusual food, and travel to other destinations just to try weird restaurants.

  1. 1 Ninja Restaurant, New York

    A dining experience like no other, this restaurant serves the most unique Japanese fusions amidst a ninja theme. The design of the restaurant resembles a ninja house in Japan; Dark narrow hallways lead to private rooms authentically decorated. The food menu, which is written on rolled mats, is very extensive. If you are interested in trying unusual food go with the ninja fusions, they are said to be taken of an old ninja secret book. To provide more of a fun experience for patrons, the staff is all dressed like a ninja, they perform ninja tricks to diners, and there is a magician that performs old ninja tricks.

  2. 2 Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

    Located right in the middle of a small river and waterfall, this restaurant lies in the luxurious Villa Escudero resort plantation. The bamboo tables are set literally in the shallow river just a few feet away from the rush of a small waterfall. Guests can actually lean under the rushing waters to relax or get some relief from the heat during hot months. The restaurant serves local dishes such as rice and fish. It provides a simple yet magical experience that tourists will never forget. Moreover, traditional dance and music shows are often performed in the restaurant.

  3. 3 Bird’s Nest Restaurant, Thailand

    Situated in Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand, Bird’s Nest Restaurant is one of the major tourist attractions in the area. The nests are positioned high up in the trees, 16 feet above the ground to be exact. The unique position provides an outstanding view that you can enjoy while dining. To give the waiters some fun of their own, they use a zip line to deliver food and drinks!

  4. 4 Chillout Ice Lounge, Dubai

    Where else would you find an ice lounge in the middle of the desert except in vibrant Dubai! Originally opened in 2007, Chillout is the first ice lounge in the Middle East. And due to its impressive success, it went through a major revamp in 2014. Everything in the lounge is made entirely out of ice from the ice sculptures to the ice seating and tables to the illuminated interior. This is why the lounge is kept at a subzero temperature year round. To battle the very cold atmosphere, the place serves hot drinks and soup among a variety of other items. What makes this place unbelievably unique is that it is located in the heart of the Middle East, where it never ever snows even in winter.

  5. 5 The Black Ant restaurant, New York

    If you are looking for unusual food this is the right place, gourmet food mixed and decorated with insects in a fine dining restaurant. This restaurant serves upscale Mexican food, including grasshopper-crusted shrimp and black ant guacamole. They also serve regular Mexican food if you do not feel very adventurous. The black ants can also be seen in the décor as engravings on the black tiles that make up the walls of the restaurant.

  6. 6 The Fat Duck restaurant, England

    This restaurant provides a whimsical dining experience starting with its weird menu to the location inside an ancient building to the unusual food combinations. Even though the food is anything but ordinary (the menu includes items like egg and bacon ice cream), the restaurant has gained and maintained three Michelin stars; Which makes it one of 5 restaurants in the UK with that ranking. Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal who runs the restaurant has added an associated laboratory to the restaurant to develop new dish concepts with his team, they go far and beyond to create the most bizarre food combinations.

  7. 7 De Kas restaurant, Amsterdam

    Imagine eating super fresh produce, prepared by a gourmet chef, surrounded by a stunning atmosphere in an old greenhouse. Restaurants can’t get much better! The setting of the restaurant is simply gorgeous; the tables are set in the middle of the greenhouse basked in natural sunlight by day and sparkling start by night. The menu changes every day, subject to the available seasonal produce. Whatever is freshly picked that day is exquisitely cooked. Moreover, from May till October guests are invited to take a walk through the greenhouse and the adjacent crop fields.

  8. 8 Casa Bonita, Denver

    With a jungle interior that gives The Rainforest Cafe a run for its money, Casa Bonita has been a dining institution for over 40 years. The location was once a large retail store, and the restaurant made the most of the 52,000 square feet of space by creating tables and seating for over 1,000 people at a time. In addition to the 30-foot-tall waterfall focal point (complese with cliff divers), the eatery also features strolling mariachis, flame jugglers, a puppet theater, a magic theater, a “haunted tunnel,” and an arcade.

    At one time there were four Casa Bonita locations around America (including Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, and Little Rock), but the Colorado location is the only one remaining, and it was named a historic landmark of the city in 2015. No surprise, considering the notoriety of the restaurant, especially after being cited as the favorite restaurant of Eric Cartman on South Park, which featured it in four episodes, including the Season 7 installment actually called “Casa Bonita.”

  9. 9 Dinner in the Sky, Various

    Although this venue isn’t a permanent restaurant in a set location, we would be remiss not to include it here. This sky-high dinner isn’t even served on solid ground, but about 180 feet up in mid-air, hoisted via a special crane. At each Dinner in the Sky event, groups of 22 people are seated around the table while a team of five prepares the multi-course feast right in front of them. And if dining while suspended in mid-air isn’t enough to warrant an unforgettable meal, consider some of the big names who’ve led the team in the “kitchen” to date, like Pierre Gagnaire, Hung Huynh, and Joël Robuchon — or the addition of a band suspended nearby for entertainment. It's a stylish affair too, with proper place settings, dishes like filet mignon or prosciutto-stuffed chicken, and plenty of Champagne. Just keep ahold of your fork — dropping it here is a much bigger issue than at most restaurants.

    Dinner in the Sky has popped up in cities around the world, including Cape Town, Istanbul, Montreal, Las Vegas, and Rio de Janeiro.

  10. 10 Harvey Washbangers, College Station, Texas

    Harvey Washbangers bar and grill in College Station, Texas, features a kooky laundromat theme, which is helped by the fact that the restaurant is an actual laundromat with 80 high-efficiency washers and dryers. It even offers wash, dry, and fold services! Folks opting for self-service (or those who didn’t bring any dirty duds at all) can grab a beer, dig into a 100-percent Angus beef burger, or choose from a number of hot dogs, sandwiches, soups, and salads.

  11. 11 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

    Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives has several distinctions: It was the first undersea restaurant in the world when it opened in 2005, and it has been ranked by The Daily Meal as the most beautiful restaurant in the world, as well as one of the most romantic restaurants, expensive restaurants, and hardest to get to restaurants. Even though there are numerous underwater restaurants around the world, none are quite as impressive, immersive, and unusual as this one. Located five meters below the surface in the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel, Ithaa features full panoramic and overhead views of the surrounding coral gardens and sea life while diners feast on a seven-course meal of dishes like caviar, Magnotti of duck, Maldivian lobster carpaccio, and beef tenderloin for dinner, or a four-course lunch option. Be prepared to splurge (lunch starts around $200 per person, dinner around $300), but also be prepared for the experience of a lifetime. In other words: Bring a camera. Even at night, the aquatic views are spectacular.

  12. 12 Modern Toilet, Taipei

    At Modern Toilet, you should avoid judging your meal by how it looks (unless you don’t mind going hungry). That’s because, at this Taipei restaurant, your meal is served to you in a toilet. Sit on porcelain bowls at sink tables and get ready to scour the sewers; the menu is divided by bathroom fixture, so you can order the Korean kimchi hot pot or beef curry, served in Western-style toilet bowls, and treat yourself to ice cream swirls in squat toilets. Although the food might not be the fanciest, it’s the experience you should be going for, so don’t feel like you’re throwing money down the drain. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

  13. 13 Opaque, California

    At Opaque, it’s not so much about what you can see, but what you can’t see. And what you can’t see is literally everything. Based on a European concept that is said to enhance the sense of taste, Opaque features “dining in the dark,” and makes for a truly unique experience. You will be seated in a pitch-black dining room and guided and served by blind or visually impaired staff members who have been specially trained to work in the dark. It’s worth mentioning that all of this is meant to provide the best-tasting event possible, and is not meant to scare anyone in any way. Quite the contrary, actually, as servers are there to help and reassure all guests. The cost is $99 for a three-course prix fixe menu. Although Opaque pops up at different venues across the country and world (including Berlin, Paris, and Vienna) from time to time, Opaque has permanent restaurants in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

  14. 14 Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

    Shinjuku is known as one of the most energetic nightlife centers in all of Tokyo — a neon-dipped city already famous for its after-hours antics. Nowhere is as representative of this as Robot Restaurant and Bar. Located in a basement in the Kabukich district, every night bikini-clad girls remotely battle enormous robots in a central arena that looks like the world of Tron during a rave. The show is about three hours and the ¥8,000 entry fee (around $80 USD) includes a mediocre bento box and a drink. It’s the extravaganza — not the fare — that you’ll be paying attention to.

  15. 15 Safe House, Milwaukee

    Although the interior of Milwaukee’s Safe House is an eclectic mix of spy and secret agent décor, it’s the outside that makes this restaurant truly bizarre. It’s an unassuming little storefront that is marked as “International Exports, Ltd.,” and if you didn’t already know an eatery was located inside, you’d probably never give it a second look. Heck, even the website’s directions are purposely misleading. The faux instructions from the north direct guests to look for a man in a yellow raincoat and don’t be thrown when he says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The directions from the south are even less helpful, simply stating, “Travel north approximately 100 miles. Watch out for alligators. Then follow directions ‘from the North.’” Even if you locate the restaurant, you’ll still need a secret password (no spoilers here!) — otherwise, you’ll have to complete a “task” before being granted entry.

  16. 16 The Redwoods Treehouse, Auckland, New Zealand

    Believe it or not, there’s an actual eatery that’s actually built into a tree. It might sound like an article from The Onion (both because it’s unbelievable and also because the restaurant looks like an onion bulb), but this unique yellow treehouse measures over 39 feet tall, sits over 10 feet off the ground and was built from sustainably grown pine and popular in 66 days. It was originally constructed as part of a marketing campaign, but is now available for private hire, with three catering options available. You can’t make regular restaurant reservations, but the venue is open for private dining, work parties, and other celebrations.

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