The Most Bizarre, Strange, Weird, Odd and Funny Jewelry


Embellishments and ornaments have been used since eternity to glamorize and grace women. Every woman wears one or other kind of jewelry to beautify her appearance. Jewelry is undoubtedly her passion, love and weakness. No matter how much one has, there’s always a need of more.


But sometimes in pursuit of distinction people use odd and weird things to stand out from the crowd. We have compiled a wide range of most bizarre, strange, funny yet cool and elegant jewelry items. Take a look!

  1. 1 Sterling Silver Skull Rings

  2. 2 Cool Creepers Earrings

  3. 3 The Evil Eye in a Gold Ring

  4. 4 Bullet & Gun For Your Perfect Shot

  5. 5 Most Elegant Evil Key Pendants

  6. 6 A Metal Spider Ring

  7. 7 Mermaid Skeletal Earrings

  8. 8 The Biting Snake Ring

  9. 9 Finger Slicer Ring

  10. 10 Bat Wings Necklace

  11. 11 A Huge Octopus Ring For Your Lovely Hands and Fingers

  12. 12 A Skeleton Pendant With Some Organs

  13. 13 A Skull Ring With Elegant Black Stones

  14. 14 He Popped Out of The Coffin To Say Hi!

  15. 15 Skull & Bones With Hanging Rubies

  16. 16 This Pink Flower Crowned Beauty Awaits To Fit In Those Lovely Fingers

  17. 17 An Angry Octopus Bracelet

  18. 18 It Is Shouting Out Loud For You

  19. 19 This Purple Beauty Is Difficult To Ignore

  20. 20 Pendants with Weird Faces

  21. 21 Some Bird's Hands May Be

  22. 22 Freaky Lips Earrings

  23. 23 You Will Have An Eyeball Literally In Your Hands

  24. 24 Eyes For Your Ears

  25. 25 Hen Hocks In Red With Golden Nail Paint

  26. 26 An Ugly Ear For Your Ear

  27. 27 Who Would Wear THAT On Fingers?

  28. 28 An Ornamented Cockroach Broach

  29. 29 Tiger Teeth Pendants

  30. 30 Frog Ear Rings

  31. 31 The Ugliest Creepy Teeth

  32. 32 Hanging Fingers

  33. 33 This Ugly Eyeball Wrist Watch Is Watching You!

  34. 34 A Fusion Of Barbies

  35. 35 You can wear it to irritate your dentist.

  36. 36 Barbie faces

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