Ever Wonder What People Do When They Get Bored At Airport?


A delayed flight is an unusual thing to happen often with the people at the airport. Having to wait for 6-10 hours at the airport when people around do not even know you really haunts everyone. There is no way out, not even a single one. But there are people out there who have further plans for everything. Because they know how to enjoy their own company no matter what. People with such sense of humor just know how to make their next move. They don’t get bored even when alone.


Scroll down to have ideas for your delayed flight and have a belly laugh.

  1. 1 "Already missing this beautiful place"

  2. 2 What a stunt!

  3. 3 Get ready for a shoot!

  4. 4 Clicking randomly!

  5. 5 "My little guy did a great job taking this picture for me"

  6. 6 "Headed to NC with freshly painted toes."

  7. 7 Waiting like others

  8. 8 "Apparently this is what Snapchat thinks I would look like animated..."

  9. 9 "When your flight is delayed and you miss your connecting flight to Lisbon."

  10. 10 "What do you do when the plane is delayed 6 hrs. Get my 10k steps in. If you look the floor looks wavy uneven"

  11. 11 "I’ve decided trying on crazy sunglasses at airports is my new hobby. I’m going to make a collection. It’s a perfect way to pass the time."

  12. 12 "As traveling back has it sets backs with delays, leaving a magical place, leaving wondering culture, going back to the grind. It does have its ups."

  13. 13 Crazy bookmark!

  14. 14 "45 min before board. Who's gonna chat with me? "

  15. 15 "I never realise how inpatient Tariq is.."

  16. 16 "Bored.... at airport... not too busy today 🤔 hmm."

  17. 17 Bored!

  18. 18 Symmetry leading lines.

  19. 19 "Hey, I put some #newshoes on And suddenly everything is right I said, hey I put some new shoes on And everybody's smiling, it's so inviting… "

  20. 20 Bored bored bored!

  21. 21 "Inviting my best life"

  22. 22 "When you take a stuffed animal with you on your travels, fun!!!!"

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