15 of the Best Hilarious Ways to Flourish Boss-Employee Relationship


The connection between the manager and the worker is essential to organization profitability, yet it can without much of a stretch wind up convoluted. The individuals who manage individuals must be careful about what to state, acceptable behavior, and how included they can get in their representatives’ lives. Overseeing such a relationship is unquestionably a tricky exercise in careful control. Be that as it may, managers can be well disposed even without taking a seat with the general population they direct and talking about the end of the week.

  1. 1 My boss installed an IP Camera at the store to spy on us when he’s away. I retaliated with this rig

  2. 2 My Boss And I Had An Ugly Sweater Competition

  3. 3 I Housesat And Watched My Boss’s Dog For A Month.

  4. 4 My Boss And I Are In A Contest To Lose Weight. Today Is My Birthday. This Is What He Brought Me

  5. 5 When You Request A Wall Clock For Your Office But Your Boss Is A D**k

  6. 6 Every Year For Our Boss's Birthday We Play Pranks And Gags On Him All Day. This Year One Prank Includes Switching Pictures Of His Kids With Photoshopped Versions Of His Employees

  7. 7 My Boss Has Talked To Me Several Times About Leaving A Note While I'm Away From My Desk. Today I Made This Convenient Slider

  8. 8 Wise Words From The Boss

  9. 9 My Boss Didn't Like His Face Of The Group Picture And Asked Me To Photoshop It. Unfortunately, I Have Very Limited Gimp Skills

  10. 10 A Friend Of Mine Faked A Doctor's Note At Our Job. This Is My Boss's Response

  11. 11 My Boss Complained About My Coworkers Hair Being Too Long. So She Fixed The Problem

  12. 12 I Left This On The Security Cameras For The Boss In The Morning

  13. 13 My Boss Told Me To Find A Way To Keep Mice Out Of Our Cable Tray. I Think This Should Work

  14. 14 My Boss Censored My Cleavage At Work Yesterday

  15. 15 Won A Bet Against My Boss Nearly A Year Ago. Came Into Work To See That He Finally Paid Me… In Pennies

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