What Would Happen If You Could Use Your Brain 100%


If you could use brain’s 100% power what thing can you do? You can excess into anyone’s phones, laptops etc. You could go back into the past. Using your brain you could use things without touching them and many more. The idea has been taken from the film LUCY. Hope you will like to do these things provided below.


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  1. 1 You could go back into the past in no time using brain.

    Brain could help you doing so because you would've been searching what people were like in the past.

  2. 2 You could excess into any ones mobile phone, laptop, even the brain just like mind readers.

    This excessiveness could level you up from other in everything.

  3. 3 You could use things without touching them.

    This is the best thing which I really want from God.
    It doesn't matter where the thing is, is it small or big, even it doesn't matter thing's weight.

  4. 4 Using 100% of the brain could fade many emotions like sadness, happiness, fear, annoyingness, illness, desireness, angriness, joyness and many more.

    Which means you would have emotions but your brain due to excessive usage would not make you feel them much.

  5. 5 Limitlessness is also the one big thing which is going to be unlimited.

    Our brain would become so much power full that no limitation was going to be a hurdle in anything.

  6. 6 You could get control over your entire body even on your brain.

    Means you could choose anything good or the bad. And you could become less judgemental.

  7. 7 As you could have excess over each and every thing not like others.

    You could become alone in the entire universe using 100% of your brain.

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