Brothers And Sisters Who Know How To Make Fun Of Each Other


Between brothers and sisters, it’s love cow and we do not miss a single opportunity to tease for the simple reason that it’s really very funny. All these jokes are also a great way to show our affection without having to say to your brother or sister “I love you” because even so, it would be a little too much for these little/big reous.

  1. 1 I had my leg amputated and my brother showed up in the hospital, dressed as a pirate.”

  2. 2 "My sister and her boyfriend will go to our house tomorrow night, so I prepared a surprise for them when they turn on the light"

  3. 3 You're just born and I know these people more than you

  4. 4 "My three-year-old daughter finally defeated her brother in a board game. He was not happy."

  5. 5 “My sister said: 'The high-pressure wash cannot do anything.' I took revenge on her as I can.”

  6. 6 "My nephew is waiting for his brother to come out of his bedroom."

  7. 7 "My sister and I quarreled, and she cut off the bristles on my brush"

  8. 8 “5 years ago I stuck cartoon eyes on the photo of my brother, where he is small. No one noticed anything. ”

  9. 9 “Brother attached this creepiness to the window in my room. I almost crap from fear when I went in. "

  10. 10 “Sister recently cut her hair. She knows how other people's hair strains me, and therefore leaves them everywhere in the house. ”

  11. 11 “That's what brother does with my phone.”

  12. 12 "Sometimes I hate my brother with all my heart"

  13. 13 “I asked my brother to look after my puppy while I was away on a business trip. I returned, and on the desktop of the company such a photo "

  14. 14 “My sister asked me to sit with her children. Do you think I'm coping? ”

  15. 15 “I had appendicitis removed, and the brothers decided to visit me while I was under anesthesia”

  16. 16 "Mom wanted a selfie with her sons at our sister's wedding"

  17. 17 “I asked my sister to surprise me with a cake for my birthday. Well, she succeeded. ”

  18. 18 "About to volunteer my sister for the ice bucket challenge"

  19. 19 When you’re feeling the Christmas spirit and decide to help your sibling with the decorations.

  20. 20 “I asked my brother if he could make me food, his response was — a bowl of “Struggle Puffs.”

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