20 Animals Having Perfect Camouflage Adaptations


Over the course of millions of years of evolution, the inhabitants of Earth have devised some incredible abilities to ensure their survival. Case in point: The amazing camouflage that animals employ to surprise their prey or evade their predators. Below, we look at 27 incredible examples of animal camouflage in action

  1. 1 Owl

  2. 2 Frogs

  3. 3 Seahorse

  4. 4 Uroplatus Geckos

  5. 5 Goldenrod Crab Spider

  6. 6 Western diamondback rattlesnake

  7. 7 Mediterranean Octopus

  8. 8 Vietnamese Mossy Frog

  9. 9 A leaf-tailed gecko

  10. 10 Tropidoderus childrenii or Children’s Stick Insect

  11. 11 Buff-tip moth

  12. 12 Glauert’s Seadragon

  13. 13 Asian Vine Snake

  14. 14 Giant horned owl

  15. 15 Wolf spider

  16. 16 Willow Ptarmigan

  17. 17 Sand Crab

  18. 18 Two-tailed Spider

  19. 19 Ghost Pipefish

  20. 20 Leaf Katydid

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