Can You Wear These Cloths For $100000?


We all have had mishaps in clothing but I dare we never had this worst clothing disaster. Here are the clothing disasters you will never want to wear. They will make you happy as they are more worst than your clothing mishaps.

  1. 1 Smile or mile?

  2. 2 Who's gonna buy this?

  3. 3 Its okay guys we have ariel laundry detergent

  4. 4 Now this is something I can't explain

  5. 5 Stained!

  6. 6 .jpg lol

  7. 7 Gonna watch a turtorial about how to wear this stuff

  8. 8 Nice flower! Hope it smells good

  9. 9 A***

  10. 10 Isn't this a bit weird?

  11. 11 What?

  12. 12 Lies!

  13. 13 Come out Mickey!

  14. 14 Lol!

  15. 15 f***

  16. 16 Ughhh!

  17. 17 Alas!

  18. 18 2 pairs hmmm!

  19. 19 What do you wanna explain?

  20. 20 A butterfly?

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