15 Famous Cartoon Characters You Never Knew Were Inspired By Real Life People


For some characters, models are brought into the studio during production to act out prerecorded scenes dressed as their respective characters, while other times a character’s appearance is taken from pictures and videos. This is the list we have compiled of the unsung talents behind some of your favorite characters.


Hope you enjoy!


  1. 1 Ariel (Alyssa Milano)

  2. 2 Popeye (Frank "Rocky" Fiegel)

  3. 3 Ursula (Divine)

  4. 4 Edna Mode (Edith Head)

  5. 5 Vultures From The Jungle Book (The Beatles)

  6. 6 Betty Boop (Helen Kane)

  7. 7 Milhouse Van Houten (Josh Saviano)

  8. 8 Mr. Burns (Barry Diller)

  9. 9 Mr. Magoo (W.C. Fields)

  10. 10 Harley Quinn From Batman: The Animated Series (Arleen Sorkin)

  11. 11 Krusty The Clown (James Allen a.k.a Rusty Nails)

  12. 12 Rainier Wolfcastle From The Simpsons (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

  13. 13 Butters Stotch From South Park (Eric Stough)

  14. 14 Aladdin (Tom Cruise)

  15. 15 Chuckie From Rugrats (Mark Mothersbaugh)

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