Celeste Redos The Supermodels And The Results Are Extremely Laughable


Celeste Barber is the lady who hilariously recreates celebrity photoshoots. As her Instagram bio says Celeste Barber is a comedian, an actor and a writer. Honestly, she’s got the talent to make the world laugh. She’s happily married and enjoying life with kids (two boys and two step girls).

She worked in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. She climbed the ladder of success step by step. Nowadays she’s recreating celebrities’ Instagram photos in her hilarious way. In a crazy world of challenge, she presents what the time demands. Celeste redos the supermodels and the results are extremely laughable. She has hilariously accepted the challenge that inspired millions already.

See 30 Celeste Barber’s redos of the supermodels that are undoubtedly hysterical.

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  1. 1 It’s all about focus

  2. 2 Hiding from your husband when he's too demandy

  3. 3 Waiting to see if the avocados are on sale

  4. 4 Square peg. Round hole.

  5. 5 Some outfits can’t be worn in the rain

  6. 6 Did someone say double fisting?

  7. 7 If you’re not wearing a Hawaiian lei whilst shaving your bits, then you’re not doing it right

  8. 8 Fu** gravity

  9. 9 It’s all about timing

  10. 10 When you see your crush and try to be chill

  11. 11 Verified Screw you Apple

  12. 12 Verified Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition

  13. 13 When idiots marry

  14. 14 Verified Put a tutu on your head, they say. It’ll be groundbreaking, they say!

  15. 15 A rare look into our creative process

  16. 16 Verified When no b**ch is safe

  17. 17 The basis of any good relationship- trust!

  18. 18 Consider The Robot brought back!

  19. 19 When you’re trying to spice up your marriage

  20. 20 If it’s not on, it’s not on

  21. 21 That week between Christmas and NYE when you’ve got no fu**ing idea what’s going on

  22. 22 Bend and stretch, reach for the stars

  23. 23 Just adding those subtle touches

  24. 24 Just keep breathing

  25. 25 When you start to believe in your own hype and everyone else has real jobs and doesn’t give a shit.

  26. 26 Verified You can dress it up as much as you want, but doing laundry is a bag of d**ks

  27. 27 Just a simple kitchen bench warm up

  28. 28 Meeting call prep

  29. 29 Verified Nothing to see here

  30. 30 The weekly shop

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