Certified Organic Humor Spotted On The Roads LMFAO


Certified organic humor spotted on the roads will instantly make you say ‘what the f**k I just saw?’ Whether you pull over at the signal or stuck in traffic, the moment you witness a crazy driver in the weirdest vehicle you’ll LYFAO. Besides, this kind of hysterical stuff keeps the day going. In fact, you aren’t the only one to view crazy things on roads. At the same time, drivers from all over the world are posting the weirdest things they’ve seen. For example, lumpy high silencer on a Georgian licenced vehicle and a banana shaped car will make your eyes wander.


Thus, the Slydor team collected the peek of WTF memories of drivers. Surely that will make you roll on the floor with laughter. Oh yea, don’t forget to share your favs.

  1. 1 Banana Car

  2. 2 Meanwhile In Florida A Place Not Known For Their Intelligence!

  3. 3 Emoji On The Trunk Explains It All LMFAO


  5. 5 Blade Runner, LMFAO

  6. 6 Pulled Up Next To Me At A Red Light And Scared The Sh*t Out

  7. 7 New Kind Of Car Alarm? Or Anti Theft System?

  8. 8 Babushka’s Creed

  9. 9 Dang It, Antman!

  10. 10 Felt Extra Safe On The Roads Today

  11. 11 Spotted Romans Going On Vacations On The Road Today

  12. 12 A Shark Bus Chasing A Delicious Fillet ‘o Fish In Auckland

  13. 13 So This Is How You Know It's A Monday At Work

  14. 14 Smoker Puts Butts Around His Mirror Instead Of Littering

  15. 15 The Fargo Special

  16. 16 This Half-Zombie Clinging To The Back Of The Car In Front Of Me On The Road

  17. 17 For Sale: 2 Door Pickup Truck, 2WD, Seats 4,000!

  18. 18 Damn It And Now My Dog Can’t Pee

  19. 19 Not A Good Place To Park!

  20. 20 Not Able To Cross The Road Because Of This Bad Driver. Some People Should Never Be Given Their License

  21. 21 Glitch In The Matrix

  22. 22 Respectful Applause To The Retard

  23. 23 Ant Man Enlarged It, Thor Must Be Upset!

  24. 24 "I Want A Car So Ugly Nobody Will Ever Want To Steal It"

  25. 25 Oh Dear, Oh Deer!

  26. 26 Coming Home, "Do You Wanna Build A Snowmaaaaan..."

  27. 27 Some People Should Just Never Drive, This Driver Is One Of Them

  28. 28 Meanwhile In Philippines

  29. 29 A Party Barge On Wheels, Was Doing 70mph Down The Highway

  30. 30 I Have Questions. So Many, Many Questions....

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