Insane But Brilliant Cheating Techniques For Exams


Cheating in exams is thought to be students’ right by the students themselves. Some students take it really seriously. Some of whom don’t concentrate on studying and preparing for exams. They concentrate on making cheating notes instead. Here are some students presenting their cheating techniques.


Try These Cheating Techniques At Your Own Risk

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  1. 1 The neat cheater

  2. 2 The one who concentrate on cheating more than studying.

  3. 3 This really looks like a mission.

  4. 4 Risky one!

  5. 5 Master cheater

  6. 6 The brilliant one

  7. 7 Let'd pray he don't get caught

  8. 8 So now you know the reason behind growing nails.

  9. 9 WTF!

  10. 10 Clever idea

  11. 11 Wow! Isn't this brilliant?

  12. 12 I'm lovin' this technique.

  13. 13 LOL!

  14. 14 Seriously!

  15. 15 The one who helps everyone in cheating

  16. 16 Daring one

  17. 17 Pro Level

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