Clever Hidden Messages Printed On Everyday Products


How’ll be your reaction if you find something lifeless talking to you? Relax! It ain’t so. Well, some products with hidden messages printed on them really do exist. Here are some of them.

  1. 1 My raincoat reveals a floral pattern when wet

  2. 2 Hidden Underneath A Packet Of Sweets

  3. 3 Opened up my gaming headset to replace the cord and was greeted by this...

  4. 4 While We Are Talking About Shirt Tags: Classic From Top Gear

  5. 5 Thank you Hawking

  6. 6 This hidden part

  7. 7 There's nothing honey!

  8. 8 This Swiss Water Bottle Has A The Shape Of A Mountain Inside The Bottle

  9. 9 Thanks for your guidence

  10. 10 Label Buried Deep In My Inside Suit Pocket

  11. 11 They made me laugh so hard

  12. 12 Important lesson

  13. 13 Don't underestimate!

  14. 14 A Hidden Message Underneath The Circuit Board

  15. 15 This Was On A Lotion They Provide At My Hotel

  16. 16 On My Pancake Mix Bag

  17. 17 These Care Instructions On A Kid's Swim Diaper

  18. 18 My Yogurt Just Brightened My Day

  19. 19 Seeing the bird?

  20. 20 Printed On The Circuit Board Of A Car In Deep Space

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