25+ Of The Most Craziest And Horrific Shoes Designs Your Eyes Ever Caught


Shoes are often fashionistas best buddy, but these surreal kicks leave a lot to be desired. Some are totally ugly, some are completely unrealistic. The pairs of shoe that won’t make you want to run out to the store immediately to buy them.


Here at Slydor we have a collection of the most horrifying shoes ever made, that you have never seen before! ┬áLet’s take a look till last, that will make you rise for sure!

  1. 1 Freaky, Weird And Spooky Allien Pumps

  2. 2 'B'izarre Style Or A Penalty?

  3. 3 WTF! The Creepiest Shoes Like Thing Ever Seen

  4. 4 Horse Will Faint When He'll See These Lunatic Shoes

  5. 5 A Perfect Design For Undertaker

  6. 6 What A Use Of Old Phone Cables!

  7. 7 Crazy Spiky Wedges

  8. 8 Black Crystallized Punk

  9. 9 This 'Sliced Shoe' Is A Proof Of Crazy Design

  10. 10 The Height Of Insanity

  11. 11 Grated Cheddar Cheese Or Feet Covered By Creepy Worms??

  12. 12 Woof Woof Time To Go For A Walk

  13. 13 She's Definitely A Huge Fan Of Monster's Feet

  14. 14 And Now Banana! Reallyyyyyy???

  15. 15 Bizarre Orange Peel Shaped-Creation

  16. 16 Awful Evil Spiked Wig-Wearing Heels.

  17. 17 Space Walk Surreal Shoes

  18. 18 Even An Alien Would Reject Such A horrible Pair Of Shoes

  19. 19 Then These Terrible Iron Filings Set In Resin And Pulled With Magnets Shoes

  20. 20 An Ugly Invention For Librarians So They Don't Have To Use A Step Ladder

  21. 21 Silly Broom Conversion To Clean While She Walks. LOL

  22. 22 Support In Emergency, Wao What The F***?

  23. 23 Does It Look Kinda Normal???

  24. 24 Soleless Shoes!!! - Have To Walk On Your Feet!!

  25. 25 A Horrible Design Of Peter Popps

  26. 26 Revival Of Medieval Times, Torturing Heat Metal Shoes

  27. 27 And Another Torturing Device, Inspiration From Medieval Times

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