20 Of The Super Funny And The Craziest Written Notes Of All The Times


20 hilarious and super funny notes. Funny notes can be written by parents, neighbors, roommates, kids, students and so many people.


We may have more advanced forms of communication, but there’s nothing quite like a handwritten note. So we’ve caught some craziest and the funniest notes of all the time.

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  1. 1 This can surely make her feel better.

  2. 2 A note written by Ray!

  3. 3 Ridiculously funny.

  4. 4 From your weird husband.

  5. 5 Say no to WiFi password today.

  6. 6 When you need some serious grammar lecture

  7. 7 Written by a Silly roommate

  8. 8 Will it help that way?

  9. 9 Must've an honest student!

  10. 10 A pissed off neighbor note.

  11. 11 To a sexy German neighbor!

  12. 12 A pregnancy note.

  13. 13 A murder??

  14. 14 Very clever!

  15. 15 Don't you dare to disturb this pregnant lady!

  16. 16 And you're fat. LOL!

  17. 17 A clever mom, no?

  18. 18 I hope you don't mess it up!

  19. 19 When you adopt a funny satire tone.

  20. 20 Kids never lie!

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