Weird And Crazy Hairstyles That Will Make You Laugh Hard


Hair is an integral part of one’s personality. No matter how elegant and graceful the attire, unless your hair are styled properly, you can never look good.  Your hair can make or break your impression. So beautifully styled hair  is essential to look good.


If you want to look special, we have here, a few styling ideas. Looking at the  hairstyles you will realise that you can do a lot more with your hair than what you think right now. So, let’s check out these funny, crazy and weird hairstyles that will make you laugh hard.

  1. 1 The Red Tomato Head

  2. 2 Get A Little Horny With These Ram Horns. Baaaaaaaaaa

  3. 3 This Contemporary Use of Zipper Will Give You A Distinct Look

  4. 4 Hollow Bubbles

  5. 5 Front Snail

  6. 6 Lady Liberty Recreated

  7. 7 A Sci Fi Style

  8. 8 The Pony Tail Bulbs Like Onion Bulbs

  9. 9 Big Lebowski. Some Clever Crafting with Hair, Even I Thought It Was A Face

  10. 10 You May Find An Uncanny Similarity Between The Conical Headdress Worn In 15th Century And This Redhead Look.

  11. 11 Lady Elephant

  12. 12 Long Spike

  13. 13 The Rainbow Hairball

  14. 14 The Vampire Wings

  15. 15 Cool Dude

  16. 16 The Horse Head Or Rather Mare, Then Comes Lady B-t-h and Finally Ewe

  17. 17 Daisy Style Is Perfect For Pollination (Look at the bee in the flower)

  18. 18 Disco Ball

  19. 19 Ewwww. This Is Good For Bug Lovers

  20. 20 Gross Sack Style If you Have Too Much Hair

  21. 21 One Large Slug at Front and Onion Bulbs With Gross Roots

  22. 22 Now Imagine Your Head As A Planet, Surrounded By This Colorful Cosmic Dust

  23. 23 Give Yourself A ‘Crowning Glory’ Treatment

  24. 24 Now, This Is What We Call A Ball-Style, For A Ball

  25. 25 Officially The Craziest Hairstyle Ever

  26. 26 He's a Die-hard Fan of Late Robin Williams

  27. 27 She Has An Eye On You

  28. 28 Getting The "Behind The Bars" Feeling

  29. 29 Pineapple Head Seems To Be a Pineapple Lover

  30. 30 Have Attention Like A Boss.

  31. 31 The Colorful Unicorn Look

  32. 32 This Hairstyle Looks Much Like Mohawk.

  33. 33 The Head Trap!

  34. 34 Hair or Paper? Confusing Huh!

  35. 35 Forgot Umbrella? No Problem.

  36. 36 If you love painting

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