Crazy Mind Blowing Optical Illusions


Our thoughts are limited and can be twisted. This is a bitter truth of our sense. Here are some brilliant optical illusions that will blow your mind.

Have a look at them and comment if you can figure them out.
  1. 1 Staircase in air illusion.

  2. 2 Focus on a dark dot.

  3. 3 Focus on the +

  4. 4 What's wrong with this parrot?

  5. 5 Keep your eyes on black cross

  6. 6 Where are her legs?

  7. 7 Trust me, he is not floating.

  8. 8 Perfect timing

  9. 9 Dafuq

  10. 10 This is not what you're thinking.

  11. 11 Those ships are not floating in the air.

  12. 12 Is this window on the right or left of this building?

  13. 13 Endless staircase

  14. 14 “Say” the colour of the words below. Having any trouble?

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