The Most Revolutionary Form Of Art Is The Art Of Stone Balance


Adrian Gray started practising his ability to seemingly impossible nature of balance decade ago which has grown over the years. He had used themes ideas and sometimes, he’d gone for bigger sculptures which obviously, involved in heavier weights to lift and getting friends to help him. The most consistent challenge is the element, so lots of his shots relied sunrises on and sunsets currently siding with the very good weather, for example, no wind, very still day. And also most of his work was on the beach when the tide is involved as well, so It’s making sure everything falls into place at the right time. It is the element that really has been the biggest problem.


Pioneer Of Stone Balancing Art Adrian Gray

Adrian started working with Duncan (Professional Photographer) because they had the opportunity to do the show in Singapore. Although he'd taken all his own photographs previously while working in the UK, he realized he needed someone with more technical expertise and also someone who could actually take the shots while he was working as well, because obviously when he's doing it by himself it's quite problematic doing the sculptures and taking pictures is really time-consuming.

Duncan is an amazing photographer and to have someone to collaborate with, actually, he made work easier for Gray. He also put a different perspective on the work as well which is interesting.

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