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Library provides access to various books, materials, resources and digital media for research, information, and knowledge. Libraries can be some of the most visually stunning meccas of architecture, but even if you aren’t fortunate enough to live near one of the most beautiful libraries in the world – your local libraries can still contain some pretty creative designs. After seeing this post you will surely want a library like that in your city

  1. 1 This Is Dina. She Volunteers At Our Local Library As A Reading Dog. Kids With Difficulties Read For Her And She Does Not Judge

  2. 2 This Entrance To The Kids Section At Our Local Library

  3. 3 This Library Has A Directory For Topics People Might Be Embarrassed To Ask For

  4. 4 Blind Dates Prevent You From Judging A Book By Its Cover

  5. 5 "Guys Who Have Lost Their Shirts" Bookshelf

  6. 6 This Sign At My University With The Number For The Library Police

  7. 7 This Library Tells You How Much Money You’ve Saved By Using The Library

  8. 8 My School's Library Has Noise-Level Guides That Change Colour When It Gets Too Loud

  9. 9 Every Year My School's Librarian Dresses Up As A Book Reaper To Collect Overdue Books

  10. 10 My Local Library Has Bee Hive In The Kids Section, With A Tube That Leads To The Outside

  11. 11 My Local Library Has Dozens Of Different Cake Pans To Check Out

  12. 12 This Library Knows How To Motivate Children

  13. 13

  14. 14 Meanwhile, this library has a laptop vending machine just in case you need one or forgot yours at home:

  15. 15 Feeling a little cold while studying? This library has blankets you can borrow:

  16. 16 This library allows you to reduce your fine for overdue books by staying and reading in the library:

  17. 17 This library has a "cone of silence" so people can talk on the phone without disrupting others:

  18. 18 My University Library Took Out Consecutive Sections Of Shelves. Can See From One Wall To The Other

  19. 19 At My Library You Can Pick Up Bags Of Books In A Certain Genre Without Knowing What Those Books Are

  20. 20 Albena, Bulgaria Beach Library

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