15+ Most Creative Yet Weird To Explain Candle Shapes


Candles have been used to illuminate mankind for more than 5,000 years. With the passage of time, we learned to create more than one ways to create a single thing just like candles shapes below.

  1. 1 Watermelon candles

  2. 2 Hand candle

  3. 3 Poop candle

  4. 4 Lego Candles

  5. 5 Matchstick candles

  6. 6 Bomb and dynamic candles

  7. 7 Rocklite candles

  8. 8 Pillar shape candles

  9. 9 Bamboo candle

  10. 10 Nest with birds candle

  11. 11 Cupcake candles

  12. 12 Pumpkin candles

  13. 13 Human face candles

  14. 14 Baby finger candles

  15. 15 Rose candle

  16. 16 Woman crying wax tears candle

  17. 17 Baby brain candles

  18. 18 Burning woman candles

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