Cursed Panorama Shots That Will Never Let You Sleep In Peace


The panorama feature on your phone’s camera app is not a toy. As Panorama Fail shows, in the wrong hands it can open up a wormhole in the universe, turning dogs into ass-faced mutants and people into all sorts of creatures that are only found in some wtf underworld. Basically, it’s like your phone is on an acid trip.


Click for its part 1 by the slydor team.

Share if you ever used Panorama

  1. 1 This man wanted a panoramic shot in two poses

  2. 2 Stomachless dog

  3. 3 The train cat

  4. 4 Abnormal?

  5. 5 Why exactly people choose panorama?

  6. 6 Finally I found a perfect panoramic shot

  7. 7 Man who has hand instead of a head

  8. 8 You may've met a number of double faced people in your life. Here meet triple faced man

  9. 9 LeMe: Who did this to you? LeMan: Panorama

  10. 10 Fluffy from Harry Potter

  11. 11 Extra long arms

  12. 12 Weird!

  13. 13 A corner of Bermuda Triangle

  14. 14 I wanna know this breed

  15. 15 Double faced kid

  16. 16 Centipede cat

  17. 17 F*Ugly

  18. 18 She looks like one of the villain from The Wrong Turn

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