Cute Things That All Couples Do But Wouldn’t Admit To Anyone


A relationship is always a secret thing. We share each and every thing with him/her. But there are many thing we do when we are alone and we do not admit it. These things are good, romantic, and embarrassing to. Due to which we don’t admit. I hope that if you are in relationship you do some of things in the following and you will admit it in your heart.



Credit : Youtube

  1. 1 Suffering through summertime cuddles

  2. 2 Then turning into one big love burrito during winter

  3. 3 Offering each other trustworthy fashion advice

  4. 4 Randomly belting out cheesy love song duets at the top of your lungs

  5. 5 Secretly binge watching bad reality TV shows together

  6. 6 Spending hours trying to choose a place to eat, then going to the same old spot you always end up at

  7. 7 Taking sneaky pictures of each other doing cute, silly, and downright embarrassing stuff

  8. 8 Treating pets as if they were children

  9. 9 They stop hiding farts and burps. Instead, they give props for the really big ones

  10. 10 Performing regular B.O. and breath checks to make sure you both smell fresh

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