Daily Annoying Things That Are Hell To Deal With


Things you deal with in your daily life is now your daily life but they are still annoying. They are annoyingly relatable yet funny.

  1. 1 No matter how many times you flip it, the USB won't go in to your computer

  2. 2 You constantly feel like you have a hair on your tongue, but can't remove it

  3. 3 Consistently getting the urge to sneeze but never completing the act

  4. 4 You forever find one small patch of hair after you've shaved your legs, no matter how many times you shaved

  5. 5 You eternally have to wear socks while walking on the wet floor

  6. 6 You will pull/barcode sticker off of something and you can't ever get it fully off

  7. 7 Everytime you got to throw something away there's no bag in the trash can

  8. 8 Every time you sit down to pee, you discover the seat is wet

  9. 9 A wifi connection that's always at 1 bar

  10. 10 Everytime you try to write with a pen it kind of writes but then runs out of ink

  11. 11 Everytime you walk in a room, you forget why you came in

  12. 12 You are stuck in reading a facebook page that is filled with spelling and grammatical errors

  13. 13 Toilet paper that rips during every wipe so you always end up with a finger up the butt

  14. 14 You get food on your shirt every time you eat and the stain doesn't come out

  15. 15 Your water/beer/whatever will always be lukewarm

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