20+ Photos Proving Disney Is The First Step Of Learning Sarcasm


There’s a reason we loved Disney growing up, and it wasn’t because of the boring old Princess that eventually ended up with Prince Charming. We were more obsessed with the epic soundtracks and the Disney sense of humor. Here are all the characters who brought the laughs and, more importantly, the sass factor into our lives…



  1. 1 Grandma Fa is the grandma you wish you had

  2. 2 Whaa!

  3. 3 Yeah exactly!

  4. 4 I kicked you in the past

  5. 5 He's a dragon, not a lizard

  6. 6 All this sarcastic, sassy Emperor needed were some friends. Who he would continue sassing.

  7. 7 Really!

  8. 8 Forever trying to take care of a wayward 16-year-old can make you tired, cynical and hilarious.

  9. 9 Every word that comes out of this boy's mouth is dripping with sarcasm. We love him.

  10. 10 Yeah yeah he softens up a bit as the movie goes on, but at the beginning it's clear that he's been brought up by those trolls on SASS.

  11. 11 It was just a rug..

  12. 12 We are all Meg

  13. 13 It is

  14. 14 Whoopp!

  15. 15 Oww!

  16. 16 Exactly!

  17. 17 Lol

  18. 18 Here you go..

  19. 19 Don't know but it should be

  20. 20 Not that...

  21. 21 What the...

  22. 22 Heh see?

  23. 23 So do you..

  24. 24 The only girl who'd love him

  25. 25 Poor Scar

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