The Worst and the Most Embarrassing Ad Placement That Proved to be Funny As Hell.


Some ad placement fails because they’re placed in an unfortunate position for the advertisers. These type of ad placements turned out to be the funniest and sometimes embarrassing as well. We compiled 21 of the funniest, or most unfortunate ad placements of all the times.


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  1. 1 If it's a crap , the results will not be pretty.

  2. 2 Party in the graveyard.

  3. 3 Is he going to kick a football?

  4. 4 Someone who is willing to kill the innocents.

  5. 5 So much coffee.

  6. 6 Menu for a diabetic patient.

  7. 7 When you let the hate flow through you.

  8. 8 Is James bond shooting a child?

  9. 9 When you are hungry af!

  10. 10 I don't like the internet anymore!

  11. 11 This means war!

  12. 12 Isn't it shameful?

  13. 13 The unfortunate fail!

  14. 14 When you need to be heared.

  15. 15 When you don't flush the toilet.

  16. 16 Isn't it most embarrassing one?

  17. 17 The plane is going to crash

  18. 18 Mmm . . . dirty!

  19. 19 When they wana see you rolllin'

  20. 20 What a beautiful lady!

  21. 21 WTF!

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