20 Most Emotionally Powerful Photos That Will Melt Your Heart


We all have an emotional side of our lives that makes us cry every time we think about it. Here are some emotional photos that can melt your heart.

  1. 1 A youth stands tall during the 'Nirbhaya Gang Rape' protests in Delhi amidst laathi charge and water cannoning in December 2012.

  2. 2 Lt. Colonel Robert L. Stirm is reunited with his family after being taken prisoner during the Vietnam war.

  3. 3 A curious Afghan girl holds the hand of an American soldier.

  4. 4 The first mother in space. Anna Fisher, astronaut, with stars in her eyes on the cover of Life magazine in 1985.

  5. 5 Groom crying tears of joy after seeing his bride for the first time.

  6. 6 A boy is very happy with the basics of bread and milk in Istanbul

  7. 7 Woman’s last moments with her best friend

  8. 8 Son trying to get his alcoholic father of the ground

  9. 9 This picture says alot

  10. 10 True friends

  11. 11 Even animals care about each other

  12. 12 Do you have answer now?

  13. 13 Love this!

  14. 14 A Buddhist monk shares his meal with a tiger at the Kanchanaburi ‘Tiger Temple’ in Thailand.

  15. 15 Dr. Religa monitors his patient’s vitals after 23-hour-long (successful) heart transplant. His assistant is sleeping in the corner. [1987]

  16. 16 The patient not only survived the surgery, but outlived his doctor.

  17. 17 Man Falling from the World Trade Center on 9/11. ‘The Falling Man.’

  18. 18 A view showing St. Mary's, Aldermanbury, surrounded by buildings that had been devastated by the Luftwaffe's incendiary bombing blitz during WWII.

  19. 19 The people of Warsaw, Poland, attempt to rise against the German troops and police that entered the ghetto to deport its inhabitants during WWII.

  20. 20 Antiwar demonstrators try flower power on soldiers blocking the Pentagon Building in Arlington, Virginia, on October 21, 1967.

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