Things Everyone Do At Work But Never Admit To


Going to work is a lot like going to school, except with way more stress, longer hours and an okay-ish salary. But there is so much to your job than the original job specification, a lot more. Alongside your normal tasks, you find yourself stealing food, dabbling in a bit of online shopping, and sometimes having mild panic attacks. Here are 15 things we all do at work but never admit to.

  1. 1 Admitting that you haven’t a clue what’s going on

  2. 2 Wanting to punch the air in delight when the meeting gets cancelled

  3. 3 Checking your email every five minutes

  4. 4 Checking Facebook

  5. 5 Trying to discreetly pick your nose

  6. 6 Going to the toilets to send a text

  7. 7 Pretending to be very busy, although you’re actually chatting with a friend

  8. 8 Buying concert tickets, cinema tickets or doing some online shopping

  9. 9 Putting on your headphones without listening to anything

  10. 10 If you work in the service industry, pretending not to see someone you know very well

  11. 11 Checking your phone every two minutes

  12. 12 Downloading movies on office Wifi

  13. 13 Steal food

  14. 14 Snitch

  15. 15 Stealing tea bags and coffee

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