How Exaggerated Romance Shown on TV


Guys being super persistent isn’t as sweet as movies make it look. Romance and love in movies is extraordinary unbelievable and unrelatable for example love at first sight. We all know that “love at first” thing doesn’t really exist. Here we have some useless and illogical romance points that are normally shown on TV.

  1. 1 Kissing someone to shut them up.

  2. 2 His crush has a crush on him, so fake

  3. 3 Color matters

  4. 4 Do you really wait for your partner to discover your biggest secret to get hurt? No, I mean you can tell them yourself.

  5. 5 If you're really interested in being in relationship, go on. why are you still single?

  6. 6 Every LGBT relationship movie ends with some kind of accident.

  7. 7 Dude if you're still a kid then get yourself a mom not a girl.

  8. 8 The reason of cheating is always positive.

  9. 9 First desperate to get married, later portraying it as the worst decision.

  10. 10 At first they were enemies later they became soulmates. filth!

  11. 11 Do you always fall in love with super cute girl?

  12. 12 Forgetting someone as they were prat in past.

  13. 13 Creating a typical drama to solve an easily explainable misunderstanding.

  14. 14 Being extraordinary for your love

    "Wanting to control someone's actions, know where they are at all times, and get all angry and combative if someone else even talks to them is not cute or romantic, it's a serious red flag."

  15. 15 When they don't say their name in front of family but run away at last moment.

  16. 16 Fake Feelings

  17. 17 Portraying like soulmates before even knowing each other

  18. 18 Even after "no"

  19. 19 Meeting the perfect one

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