20+ Funny Examples Of Cartoon Logic That Are Hard To Explain


Cartoon shows are extraordinary, here are some examples of cartoon logic. Just because children’s brains are still developing, it doesn’t mean you can get away with pulling the wool over their eyes! They’re children, not idiots!



  1. 1 Come on boy! Your hands are free

  2. 2 But your ears are up there. Your cheeks can listen I guess.

  3. 3 Idea! Take your hands back

  4. 4 bubbles is out here holding two chopsticks with no fingers and I can't even hold together my will to live

  5. 5 Get youself some cloths

  6. 6 Glasses that stay in place with nothing holding them up…

  7. 7 Drowning fish

  8. 8 How did you wear your t-shirt a large head?

  9. 9 A bazooka that pops out of nowhere. Mortal Combat, Mary Poppins style?

  10. 10 Yes she was born

  11. 11 Relax Jerry you stay naked all day

  12. 12 Gravity doesn't work until you see down

  13. 13 Underwater fire? Explain please!

  14. 14 What kind of sorcery is this?

  15. 15 It can't kill you just can make you flatter

  16. 16 Mysterious how no other woman in the whole kingdom had the same shoe size.

  17. 17 And if the shoe fits her so perfectly, just how did it slip off her foot??

  18. 18 THIS is what her shoes should have looked like after the clock struck twelve.

  19. 19 One of the jungle’s greatest predators, happy to snack on worms…

  20. 20 How is Brian reaching the pedals?

  21. 21 A dog has a dog as pet

  22. 22 Little pigs father

  23. 23 Calm down mice!

  24. 24 Ducks' favourite food is chicken

  25. 25 Naked all day, wear cloths on beach

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