15+ Perfect Examples Of Child Logic Every Parent Can Relate To


Children are really innocent and don’t know how to tell lies. We all know some kids’ logic. Here are some child logic examples every parent or teacher can relate to.

  1. 1 Business kid

  2. 2 What they love the most

  3. 3 This is really simple

  4. 4 Yes he's

  5. 5 Found X.

  6. 6 Smart kid

  7. 7 “A birthday present from my 9-year-old”

  8. 8 What a designer!

  9. 9 Defended!

  10. 10 He nailed it

  11. 11 My brother asked, “Since when is there a Christmas squid?”

  12. 12 “The way my son eats bananas”

  13. 13 “She’s upset because she can’t have the corn oil that she’s convinced is apple juice.”

  14. 14 “Asked the 2-year-old to brush his teeth and left him unsupervised...”

  15. 15 Stop lifting it

  16. 16 1st one must be a girl

  17. 17 Easiest way!

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