15 Examples Of Women’s Logic


Women’s logic is too opposite to reality. If everyone goes right, women would choose left. You won’t find it relatable until you’re a woman, lol.

  1. 1 I don't like him but I want him to like me

  2. 2 She said "you left toilet seat up"

  3. 3 Her reaction on sale

  4. 4 Let's spend hours getting ready to make sure guys notice us ignoring them

  5. 5 Isn't this act illegal?

  6. 6 Men socialize by insulting each other, but they don't really mean it. Women socialize by complementing each other, and they don't really mean it

  7. 7 If she says "do whatever you want" don't do whatever you want

  8. 8 Their haircuts be like

  9. 9 Doesn't order fries to avoid calories. Eats all of mine at the table

  10. 10 Call a girl beautiful a thousand times and she never believes you. Call her fat once and she never forgets

  11. 11 You cheated because you're an asshole. I cheated because I was confused

  12. 12 I'll meet a nice guy who wants me for my personality

  13. 13 Two things a girl wants: Lose weight; eat

  14. 14 Boyfriend says "excuse me" to a girl in club, "who's she?"

  15. 15 He caught me cheating. It's his fault for spying on me.

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