Extensive 14 Facts And Theories Of Game Of Thrones The Season Finale


Game of Thrones has always been a twisty and highly surprising series of all times. Fandom has been shocked and unable to predict what will happen next. We’ve been with Daenerys and Tyrion through ups and downs throughout the entirety of the show. These two main characters are considered favourites, but what if they actually become White Walkers as they claim ultimate victory?


In this theory, we are going to yet again assume the worst for most characters – as we should. Most of them will die, it’s about time we deal with it, I’m talking about Jon Snow, Jaime, Bronn as well as Tyrion or Daenerys. Many rumours are going on about the ending. A few theories have been put forward before the season end.

Its time to sink your teeth in the following facts and theories surrounding season eight. Go on and see the list of assumptions that might anticipate what you looking for.

  1. 1 Jaime Is Going To Execute Cersei

  2. 2 Season Eight Has The Second Highest Budget Of All Seasons

  3. 3 Bran Is The Night King

  4. 4 Ned Stark Will Come Back

  5. 5 The Season Will Indeed Have 6 Episodes As Originally Planned But They'll Be Longer

  6. 6 Jon And Mother Of Dragons Will Have A Baby

  7. 7 To Avoid Leak The Production Has Shot Multiple Endings

  8. 8 Season Eight’s Big Battle “Battle of the Bastards” Took 55 Nights To Shoot Marking It The Most Expensive Episode

  9. 9 In The Season, A Young Girl Around The Age Of 8 And A Boy Up To Age 12, Will Appear

  10. 10 Peter Dinklage Heads Up Ending Of The Finale As “Beautiful, Painful, And Lovely.”

  11. 11 Arya Will Take Jaime's Face To Kill Cersei By Chocking Her, Finishing The Prophecy.

  12. 12 Kit Harington Emphasized How Much Of An Emotional Roller Coaster This Final Season Is Going To Be

  13. 13 Tyrion or Daenerys Might Come Back As White Walkers To Claim The Iron Throne

  14. 14 White Walkers Will Claim Ultimate Victory

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