Extremely Hilarious Selfie Fails In the History Of Internet


Guys! Not everyone is photogenic or a great photographer but when it comes to selfie, especially the best selfie fails are the ones where people or animals get in the way, either intentionally or unintentionally, that are in fact entertaining and truly make the photo stand out.


When something goes wrong, a selfie is fairly at its best: pictures of people taking selfies at holidays, accidentally including a toilet or someone going to the bathroom while you’re trying to look sexy, catching your mom showering while you’re sending a text or picture, and sometimes even reflection depicts the mistake in such funny way that entire image turns into something new. 

Some extremely hilarious selfies are added on slydor from the history of the Internet to make you laugh and entertain to the fullest.


  1. 1 'Daaaaddd' you forget to check right before click..eeeeehhhh

  2. 2 Spoiler took the selfie to next level with his Butt cheeks

  3. 3 NO NO......That's not what you think it is

  4. 4 Ooopss...Should have been double checked

  5. 5 Definitely grandma took entirely accidental selfie

  6. 6 When You Take All Risks And Get Yourself Arrested..Ohh No!

  7. 7 WTF!!! Can't Stand Such Crap ..huh

  8. 8 Not A Good Time For A Selfie

  9. 9 Not Sure Dad Learning To Take A selfie or Is It Friday The 13TH?

  10. 10 What A Great Start Of The Day Lmao hahahaahahah

  11. 11 BUT FIRST________Lemme take a selfie!! Really?

  12. 12 Ooopsyyy---dicksyyyy

  13. 13 True It's Beauty And The Beast

  14. 14 Seriously.... What Have I Done!

  15. 15 This Guy Needs Attention

  16. 16 Wish You Were Here

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