The Hilarious But Most Funniest Facepalm Moments Of All Times


Facepalm moments are the moments when we feel most helpless. Helpless for others that we can’t help them understand something. Here are some facepalm moments that will make your sick.


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  1. 1 Cunt! Her username!

  2. 2 Now your phone is also broken.

  3. 3 Wtf

  4. 4 Mr. Churchill! May your soul rest in peace

  5. 5 Dunno! But your girl looks so f***** up

  6. 6 Most painful image on Internet

  7. 7 What else we could expect?

  8. 8 S***

  9. 9 Disney needs to learn about Pirates first

  10. 10 There's no good or bad, there's power! Now I understand the power of media

  11. 11 Duck!!!

  12. 12 They are blind not deaf

  13. 13 Perfect so far

  14. 14 Regretting?

  15. 15 WTF obviously

  16. 16 If it was me I'd've never asked that question

  17. 17 Watering plants in rain!

  18. 18 Ughh!

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