Photos When People Find Their Doppelganger.


Some people believe that meeting your doppelganger is bad luck or paranormal entities. However, for not superstitious people like the ones in this list. It looks like the happiest event ever.

Here some photos of Doppelganger.
  1. 1 My Doppelganger Was Seated Next To Me On A Plane, Then We Accidentally Checked Into The Same Hotel And Went For A Beer

  2. 2 I Ran Into My Doppelganger At My Cousin's Wedding And She's My Cousin's Husband's Sister, No Other Relation

  3. 3 When Retired Priest Neil Richardson Moved To Essex He Found People Kept Coming Up To Him To Say "Hello John" - Because His Double Already Lived There

  4. 4 10 Years Ago When I Went Off To College For The First Time, People I Didn't Know Kept Coming Up To Me And Calling Me "Brian". My Name Is Josh. Then A Few Weeks Into The Semester I Met Brian And We Took This Picture Together

  5. 5 My Girlfriend Met Her Doppelganger

  6. 6 My Bf (left) Met His Doppelganger At Ikea Last Night

  7. 7 Got Stationed In Okinawa And Shortly After My Doppelgänger Joined My Unit

  8. 8 I Was Walking Around A While Back And Met My Doppleganger, We Even Have The Same First Name

  9. 9 This Is Me And My Doppelgänger. Have Any Of You Redditors Met Yours In Real Life?

  10. 10 Met My Doppelganger

  11. 11 My Friend Just Found His Doppelganger

  12. 12 Just 20 Minutes Before I Walked Into The Restaurant, The Server Told Her She Looked Like Me. We Actually Already Know Each Other.

  13. 13

  14. 14

  15. 15 Met My Doppelgänger At Work! She Was Hired To The Same Unit 3 Months Before Me

  16. 16 Met My Doppelgänger At Work! We Started Working At The Same Facility And People Kept Mixing Us Up!

  17. 17 We Have The Same Last Name (spelt Differently) & She Has A Twin Sister Already. The Outfit Was A Coincidence Also!

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