Pictures Showing Friend Zone Is The Real Pain


The result is the friend zone, where one person (usually a dude, judging by these posts) wants to turn a friendship into something more romantic, but the other person either doesn’t realize or isn’t on board. Either way, you get stuck with pics like this. They might appear to be celebrations of a friendship, but you can tell that one person was clearly hoping for more.

  1. 1 Congrats bro!

  2. 2 one room 2 friends

  3. 3 Still best friends ):

  4. 4 Friendzone level: “inconceivable”

  5. 5 Dead inside

  6. 6 Sad for you

  7. 7 What a match!

  8. 8 Good luck bro

  9. 9 Sad story

  10. 10 Friendzoned

  11. 11 Now Alan doesn't trust girls

  12. 12 "He drove an hour to see me 😭😩❤️ friends forever"

  13. 13 Does he really deserves to be in friend zone?

  14. 14 Oh S***

  15. 15 Such a good psychic

  16. 16 A couple of besties

  17. 17 Go get him girl

  18. 18 Besties!

  19. 19 You too?

  20. 20 Anthony can also be your boyfriend

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