Funniest And Most Savage AF Love Island Week Two Memes


Here’s a treat for hardcore fans of Love Island. Surely, the funniest and most savage AF Love Island week two memes are heating up. In the collection of best Love Island memes, you will sense the wild moments. Joe and Elma have been voted out and Muara is causing a stir. Tommy being so lame can’t even make tea.


As the long hot summer is going on, upcoming episodes will fire up further. Just sit back and enjoy every moment of the drama. And the wild reactions too. So who else is hating Amy now?

  1. 1 When Lucie isn't talking to anyone!!!

  2. 2 Vision of joy, really?

  3. 3 Joe is ALWAYS watching

  4. 4 Spot the difference

  5. 5 Love island Eps 1-3, rest in peace!

  6. 6 Curtis trying to explain how time works in the villa


  7. 7 Follow your guts babe!

  8. 8 I am not crying, trust me!

  9. 9 The way Amy smilling, Lmfao

  10. 10 Tommy, we need an explanation here

  11. 11 Amy how do you do that?

  12. 12 Even down to the blanket. Lol


  13. 13 A girl knows how to grip a boy in the name of friendship

  14. 14 Ohh, crap!

  15. 15 Tommy's sh*t

  16. 16 Is it called justice?

  17. 17 Maura you are a chaotic QUEEN!

  18. 18 Unable to figure out where he left his head

  19. 19 Good bye, Joe!

  20. 20 It isn't necessarily to be seen, it's sick!

  21. 21 They're adorable

  22. 22 Leaving with a few essentials, you know what it means? right?

  23. 23 When Joe wants her back

  24. 24 Sherif we want you to be back

  25. 25 She doesn't got the charm

  26. 26 Here we go again

  27. 27 That awkward moment


  28. 28 How Maura is going to tell story to her family


  29. 29 That's sick


  30. 30 Need to change my mind now

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